Through His Eyes: Going Barefoot

Going barefoot – nothing wrong with that is there? From the moment I was old enough to walk I loved being barefooted – feeling the dirt, or grass, or sand between my toes. BUT I had a choice! 

Too many around the world simply do not have that same choice that so many of us take for granted. Regardless of the condition or the temperature or the road they travel they must travel that road in bare feet often unable to attend school or even find work because they have no shoes.

When I started at Soles4Souls, I decided to do what “little” I could to try to experience at least a semblance of their walk. So I started walking my dogs barefoot on my rocky yard, on gravel, in the rain, on hot pavement and on frosted grass. During this past winter, I even seized the opportunity to trek with my dogs to the mailbox in the snow. I hadn’t thought about how uncomfortable the rocks and gravels would be, or how hot the pavement could get in the summer, or how icy cold my toes would become in the winter. As simple as that sounds, it really did start giving me a bit clearer perspective! 

Aside from the obvious fact of providing protection, shoes provide comfort and dignity. Most importantly, for those around the world without shoes, shoes represent opportunity AND choice.

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